Best Health Insurance Companies 2021

Financial strength, customer service scores, claims service, premium rates, product offerings, coverage incentives, and provider choices are all factors to consider when selecting the right health insurance providers. There is no such thing as a “best” health insurance company; instead, the best one for you will be determined by the type of private health insurance you need, your budget, and the options available in your region.


What health insurers you have access to depends on where you live, and coverage plans differ from state to state. Finding a health insurer that meets all of your needs can be a difficult task, but we’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list.

Best for Health Savings Plan (HSA) Options

Kaiser Permanente

In the world of health insurance, Kaiser Permanente is a well-known brand. Its managed care company and network of Kaiser Foundation hospitals and treatment centres provide medical care. J.D. Power & Associates has given it several customer service awards, and it has outstanding financial strength ratings. Residents of California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington, as well as Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., will purchase private health insurance through Kaiser Permanente. It has a network of over 23,000 doctors who are part of it.

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)

The Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Association provides private health insurance coverage in over 170 countries, not just in the United States. A BCBS company provides health care to over 100 million Americans. In the United States, there are 36 BCBS independent health insurance providers, the majority of which have a “A” financial strength ranking from AM Best.

HMO plans have the most extensive coverage at the lowest cost, but they restrict doctor options to those inside the HMO. The EPO plan makes use of a limited number of provider networks and has policies that support and manage member wellbeing. PPO programmes, on the other hand, have more versatility and a larger pool of doctors to choose from.


UnitedHealthcare (UHC) is part of UnitedHealth Group, the largest health insurer in the United States, and has a “A” (excellent) financial strength ranking from AM Best.5 It provides individual insurance that complies with the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) critical care provisions. Access to online treatment, which includes the opportunity to order prescriptions online, talk with a nurse via a hotline, and engage in online health programmes, is a real standout function for UHC participants. Members can also search for physicians and schedule appointments online 24 hours a day, file claims, and even talk with a doctor via mobile device. There’s also a smartphone app for accessing these services on the go.


Aetna has a good reputation and is one of the biggest health insurance companies in the United States. It has an AM Best financial strength ranking of “A” (excellent). 6 Aetna was purchased by CVS Health in 2018, but it continues to provide corporate health insurance to citizens in all 50 states in the United States. Preventive treatment, hospitalisation, office visits, immunizations, and other forms of critical health care services are also covered by Aetna’s comprehensive private health insurance plans. HSA plans are also open to members (available for high-deductible plans).

Members can choose to see an in-network doctor or any licenced doctor with a network plan, but having a network doctor would save them the most money.

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